Welcome to Opwire

Written on 2 Feb 20.

For everyone

Opwire allows you to follow your favourite content creators and keep up to date with their newest content. Instead of searching different websites, signing up to a newsletter or relying on one websites notifications, its easier to have your favourite content creators links from across the web in one place. It can be any online content from articles, videos, pictures, art to music.

Create an account for free and search users content or social media for their Opwire username if they have one yet.

For content creators

If you create content, user reengagement is important to you. Opwire allows people who like your content to know when you've posted anywhere on the web. Either add the link to your work on Opwire and it will show up to users who follow you or just automate the whole process and have Opwire automatically grab the links to your content once they have been posted.

How it works

Opwire is extremely to use for content creators. Simply click on Add Link at the top of the page, copy and paste the link of your content into the link field and click Fetch Data to grab the Title and Image (if any) of your content and submit the form. That's it. Anyone that follows you will then be able to see the link in their homepage alongside anyone else they follow across the web.

The mobile app is out now and can be downloaded from both Android and Ios app stores.

Download the app now.