Follow your favourite content creators from across the web all in one place.

One website for all your journalists, bloggers, youtubers, influencers, musicians, artists etc. to post links to their content.

Follow your favourite content creators in one place.

One website for all your journalists, bloggers, youtubers, influencers, musicians, artists etc. to post links to their content.

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What's Opwire about? Why use it?

Your own personal page of content

With Opwire you're essentially creating your own news and content home page made by your favourite digital individuals from across the web. Perhaps following a journalist at the local newspaper to a lifestyle vlogger on Youtube to a musician on Soundcloud. Literally anyone creating content.

Behind all the digital content you consume on the internet are individuals creating it on a variety of platforms. Stop searching around checking for new content from these people. Make it easy for yourself!

Value your followers

If you create any kind of digital content on the internet, you value your readers, viewers or listeners and want to make it as easy as possible for them to know you've created something new. Help them keep track of your content.

Using Opwire is virtually effortless on your part (see below) but the pay off could be worth a lot as your readership, viewership or listenership can increase much faster as you retain an audience easier. Make it easy for them and create an account today.

Different to Twitter and RSS

Twitter and RSS are both useful. However when it comes to links to content from individuals, that's where Opwire shines.

Opwire is about individuals and connecting you to their content only, nothing else. Finding the links to their content is easy. No complicated set up like RSS and irrelevant links. No scrolling through numerous tweets hoping to find links like on Twitter. Using the site as either a content creator or normal internet user is very straight forward. It's all about the links.

For Journalists

Opwire is for all kinds of content creators. That's what make it so useful. However we believe that journalists play a vital role in keeping society honest and deserve a special mention on how Opwire can help them.

Often people attribute a well written article to the newspaper/ digital outlet instead of the individual writing the piece who might have written more on the subject or have other similar great pieces. We hope that Opwire will give as much exposure to the journalist as it does the outlet and normalize the act of following their work if the readers are interested.

How it works

Check your favourite content creators work or social media for their Opwire username and follow them here

Whenever individuals post new content it appears immediately on your home page. No more searching around the internet for their material.

If you create content, simply post the link here afterwards. It's that easy.

Adding and editing links give you control over what appears to your followers. It's very simple and requires almost no effort to add

Edit your profile to show who you are and what you do

Your profile is your personal page showing your links, a short description and your website/ social media if you have one.

App available soon.